About My Company

Laurie Rosenbaugh

Posted on August 14 2020

About My Company
Welcome to Bleu Georgia! I'm a mother of four wonderful children and the creator of this company! I first started when my middle child was born, back in 2010. Before this company grew, my work consisted of me modelling my pieces on my daughters and many different out-there ideas. Since then we've matured into a beautiful business for both mothers and their children, handmaking each accessory with love. From then I've continued to use my eye for exquisite items to make these amazing creations. Every bow is made by hand and with love, perfect for bow enthusiasts! With my love for using quality materials along with exploring different patterns and textures, my company can produce high-end boutique items for you. On a final note, all of our items can be found in stores or shipped throughout Canada and the United States.

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